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Total Roof Restoration can take care of all your roof guttering needs

For all of your gutter replacement needs, we provide the services of a professional plumber. Gutter systems made of aluminium, cast iron, steel, PVC, or any other material may be replaced by us.

Total Roof Restorations has been assisting residents of Melbourne and the rest of Victoria with all of their roofing requirements for over 30 years. Total Roof Restorations has earned a stellar reputation in the roofing business and consistently delivers superior service. We have years of expertise replacing gutters, so you know you're getting the best service possible. Our work is guaranteed, unlike that of many untrustworthy, subpar contractors.

Total Roof Restoration started off as a little business, but they've since expanded to become Victoria's go-to roofing company for real estate brokers and body corporates. In addition, we have hundreds of delighted clients who have been so impressed with our service and outcomes that they have no qualms about recommending us to their friends and family.

Extensive Services

Total Roof Restoration provides the full range of roofing services for commercial, industrial, and residential clients:

  • New Roof Installations and Extensions
  • Roof Guttering and Roof Gutter Replacement
  • Re-roofing and Roof Replacements
  • Roof Restoration
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Pressure Washing

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Total Roof Restoration is unwavering in its pursuit of quality; accordingly, we never compromise on the standard of our work, and we only use the finest materials available. So if you're in Victoria and in need of re-roofing, roof guttering, or have any other roof query, give us a call at (03) 9555 8508 or fill out the web form and one of our helpful staff members will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Roof Guttering Nu-Line


Nu-Line gutters is a fascia gutter in one product this gutter can be installed directly onto roof rafters.

Roof Guttering Square Line

Square Line

Gutters has a square front profile which can be fitted with concealed brackets with overflow holes located at the front of the gutter.

Roof Guttering Half Round

Half Round

Half round gutters design is 150mm in diameter fitted with external brackets with a fast flow effect due to the design of this gutter.

Roof Guttering Round Line

Round Line

Round line gutter design is 150mm in diameter with a flat back design this gutter does not require external brackets.

Ace Quad

Ace Quad

Ace Quad gutter design is 150mm in diameter with a high front and overflow holes.

Down Pipes

Roof Down Pipes 90mm Round

90mm Round

Roof Down Pipes Roll Form

Roll Form


Roof Down Pipes Fascia Cover

Fascia Cover

Fascia cover is designed to cover exiting timber fascia. Fascia does not require to be painted or maintained unlike the timber fascia that with time require maintenance due to fading and rot setting in.

Roof Down Pipes Fascia Cover

Barge Soaker

Barge soaker are designed to beweatherproof and flash gables

Low Gloss

Roof Gutteerig Low Gloss

High Gloss / Low Gloss

Roof Gutteerig High/Low Gloss

High Gloss

Roof Gutteerig High Gloss

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